About Healthy Maine Walks

About UsHealthy Maine Walks is sponsored by the Maine Center for Disease Control, Division of Population Health, and managed by a coalition of health, trail and physical activity promotion agencies and organizations working together to build a healthier Maine. We have joined forces to promote healthier lifestyles by making it easier for Mainers to find and use walking routes in communities across the state.

Healthy Maine Walks provides a central location for municipalities and trail management groups to register walks. Healthy Maine Walks includes descriptions of registered walks for those interested in finding places to walk. Healthy Maine Walks provides a logo to agencies that designate walking routes to help identify their registered walks as part of the Healthy Maine Walk network. Healthy Maine Walks also provides agencies registering walks with route markers.

A Healthy Maine Walk is an accessible indoor or outdoor walking route that most people can walk in one hour or less at a brisk pace. Walking routes may be a local high school track, a downtown "museum in the streets" trail, or a portion of a larger trail system. The Healthy Maine Walks website is designed specifically to provide you with information about where you can find a place to walk in your community or the town you are visiting to help you lead an active healthy lifestyle.